Kaal Bhairab

Kaal Bhairav is a Hindu shrine located in Kathmandu Durbar Square and is also one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Kaal Bhairav was considered to be the judge, jury, and executioner. Back in the day, anyone accused of the crime was made to stand before Kaal Bhairav for the judgment. The criminals trembled with fear and confessed the crimes. If they lied, then they vomited blood and died. Senior ministers and royal courtiers also made oaths in front of the sculpture.

The Bhairava was formed when an enraged Shiva wished to teach Lord Brahma a lesson for being arrogant. It’s believed that he helps to keep one’s ego in check. People worship Kaal Bhairav to overcome diseases, poverty, and enemies. It’s also said he protects his devotees from premature death. The 12 feet tall sculpture is believed to have been sculptured from a single block of stone. King Pratap Malla established the temple of Kaal Bhairava in the 18th century in its present location after it was discovered in the jungles. However, the sculpture itself is said to be more than a thousand years old.